“Non è solo una questione di soldi! Conta anche la competizione; è giocare la partita e vincere. E’ tutto ciò!”


FxCox™ was created in March 2009 on the popular micro-blogging  Twitter,  where  the  co-founder -a currency manager-  constantly published some personal thinking on the performance of  currency market.
Since 2013 born this simple blog; a link bridge where share some weekly, daily analysis, reflections and insights.
All analysis ‘n standpoint are produced in total autonomy on the basis  of internal processing of  data provided by  the main  provider  market and global searches.
FxCox™ strives for excellence, to be constantly updated , to guard the subject of business, to understand what will be Fx Market trends on medium ‘n long-term time. Focus on its own reference markets.
They are personal opinions and no investment advice.