“Non è solo una questione di soldi! Conta anche la competizione; è giocare la partita e vincere. E’ tutto ciò!”
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FxCox ™ was created in March 2009 on the popular micro-blogging service  Twitter  where  the  founder realizes periodically brief forays themed Economic and financial.
In  2013  FxCox™  grows and  becomes a professional  website  with sectoral areas where are constantly published reports Analysis&Research independent   of macroeconomic issues ‘n analysis of various financial instruments.
All reports,  in order to avoid conflict of interest,  are produced in total autonomy on the basis  of internal processing of  data provided by  the main  provider  market and global searches.
FxCox™ strives for excellence, be constantly updated,to guard the subjects of business and to understand what will be the trend of the markets reference.



  FxCox™ stems from the will of Dr. C.R.  degree in economics and business administration.
Formerly a lecturer at several multinational companies, mainly active in the management and  strategic  planning  (logistics  sector)   in Italy   and Switzerland   alongside  the  main occupation in the study of financial markets in the second five years of the 2000s.
Among the first in Italy to use the communication tools on the internet, creating the profile FxCox™ (on  the  microblogging  platform Twitter)  in March  2009 where   he made brief forays to issue economic & financial.
In 2012 held a Master of Technical Analysis of Financial Markets in London and a training period  at a  room Trading  specializing in  technical  analysis, fundamental and holding the position of Assistant Trading and Portfolio Analyst.
Since 2013, independent trader full-time and moved back to London, working at a private investment company with qualification Head Fx Strategy G10.


Disclaimer: All reports does not constitute advice for any foreign exchange transaction, nor  is it  intended as a solicitation  for funds or  recommendation  to trade. Decisions  based on  information  contained in this  document are the  sole  responsibility of the visitor.
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