Currency Weekly Speculator Contract Changes (July 10, 2017):

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The individual major currency contract levels saw major movements this week with five major currencies seeing weekly changes above the 10,000 contract mark.
The euro saw its speculator position go higher by over +18,000 contracts and pushed its bullish level to the highest since June 13th
The British pound sterling rose by over +11,000 contracts this week and its short position fell to its best level in six weeks
Canadian dollar positions rose by over +10,000 contracts for a second straight week and CAD bets overall, have increased for the sixth straight week
Japanese yen positions dropped sharply for a 2nd straight week and are now at the most bearish level since January 17th 2017
Australian dollar positions gained by over +12,000 net contracts this week and pushed the AUD bullish level to its best net position in nine weeks at over +32,000 contracts
The major currencies that improved against the US dollar last week were the euro (18,769 weekly change in contracts), British pound sterling (11,366 contracts), Swiss franc (4,556 contracts), Canadian dollar (10,123 contracts), Australian dollar (12,665 contracts), New Zealand dollar (3,900 contracts) and the Mexican peso (3,852 contracts).
The currency whose speculative bets declined last week versus the dollar was just the Japanese yen (-13,686 weekly change in contracts).
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