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Waiting For Botton in Usd

It has been a very difficult week month for the U.S. dollar, which traded lower against nearly all of the major currencies. Investors completely disregarded thetinge of optimism about global markets in the FOMC statement and according to the Fed … Continue reading

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Themes Trading >>> Cardio Stocks.

Heart disease is one of the leading global causes of mortality, accounting for 31% of all deaths. This represents 17.5 million people a year. Of all our organs, the heart is the one that pumps blood around our body. Our … Continue reading

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Draghi Convinces The Markets.

A non-event The ECB meeting on the 21th of April was, as expected, a clear nonevent, with no monetary policy change being announced. The pace of the QE programme has not been increased, holding at €80bn per month and rates … Continue reading

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