“The  long-term  approach  forms  the  basis  of a winning management,  innovation and entrepreneurial orientation are able to make consistent profits.”
FxCox’s  Founder

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 FxCox™ Portfolio Management is a Private Investment Firm.
The firm is located at Canary Wharf (London), assets are managed through a BVI Private Fund.
We are a Speculative Private Firm for Our Selected HNWI ‘n UHNWI Private Customers.
All of us asset managers invest in the firm.
We do not collect through the public.
We are not a collective investment fund.
We do not seek investors.
All  operating   strategies   are aimed   at obtaining   the   best   possible performance  and constant over time, regardless  of the market conditions ‘n minimizing the total volatility of investments with a view to  absolute  return in the medium and long term.


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