“The  long-term  approach  forms  the  basis  of a winning management,  innovation and entrepreneurial orientation are able to make consistent profits.”
FxCox’s  Founder

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 FxCox™ Portfolio Management LTD. is a Proprietary Trading Firm.
The firm is located in Canary Wharf (London).
We are a Proprietary Firm for us ‘n our Hnwi ‘n Uhnwi Private Partners.
We do not collect through the public.
We are not a collective investment fund.
We do not seek investors.
All operating strategies are aimed at obtaining the best possible performance and constant over time, regardless of the market conditions with a view to absolute return in the medium and long term.
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Disclaimer: All reports does not constitute advice for any foreign exchange transaction, nor  is it  intended as a solicitation  for funds or  recommendation  to trade. Decisions  based on  information  contained in this  document are the  sole  responsibility of the visitor.
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